Safe Pet

Unique collar tag with the number of mySafety 24/7 Help Center

The unique identifier gives
the identity to your pet
Quick contact with the owner and
return of a missing dog!
Losing a pet evokes unimaginable emotions

- Good morning, my dog escaped on a walk, what should I do?
- Good morning, a cream labrador? We have just received a notification about finding your pet.
“Ah, he is not coming back to my call lately! I am glad that thanks to the unique tag, I was able to find it so quickly. It's the best protection for a pet!

Unique ID
ID number will allow for quick identification of the animal and will provide the Owner with anonymity

Guarantee of anonymity
The owner of the animal has no contact with the finder, unless based on the explicit consent of both parties to speed up the process of returning the pet

Emergency Centre
Free 24/7 Hotline 800 800 110 handles requests from customers and finders

No extra costs
Transporting a pet to the owner and a reward for the finder

How does it work?

The unique mySafety ID provides your pet with a safe return home in case of getting lost
The finder contacts mySafety thanks to the number of the tag attached to the collar
mySafety identifies the owner of a dog or cat by an ID number and notifies you of finding an animal
mySafety pays the finder a reward and organizes the safe transport of your darling to the place you specify

mySafety - we care for what you love!

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